Saturday, December 13, 2008




the shape of the mind
an owl in the bed

or rather
the shape of the brain

mouse-coloured dusk
in the mind of the owl

shadows linger
the owl evolves us


bath with an owl
sandalwood scented
the surprise of the beak where
it is least expected

we become the shape of
the current of
wisps of
in the night air


instead of paper
filling the tray with darkness
printing reports on night

a rippling surface of sighs


the lungs: two owls
the teeth: two fences

I’m all thumbs and an owl
the thumbs of an owl
my thumb is an owl
red-faced, labyrinth inscribed


this tawny thing with me always
the slow flutter of itself

discount flight of feathers across the brain


owl is to tree

a forest of owls
deep beneath the ear

trees grip the floor of night
their bristly feetlets

scares the living owl out of

rampikes the spine


I thought
the owl was
a letter in the alphabet
of the forest

but instead
I thought
is a letter in the alphabet
of the owl

a letter on the tree’s tongue
owls on paper
predatorial tv
night always in its mind


take two owls and call me

the forest
an inverted bath

an immersion in
the dayegg of an owl


Eccentric Scholar said...

Your phases of the semicolon took my breath away!

troylloyd said...

dig the lunar comma trio, noble comma, the giver of pause.

the poem "owlphabet" works well in conjunction w/ the image, a tightly wrought contemplation of knowledge, wising words wedging presence to a grey mattering reflected upon featherswept brain.

thanx for the good read.