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Lasternational Pwoermweird Moermthd

Two Songs homophonically translated from German translations of Emily Dickinson

Innernotational Pwoerrmd Moth - Day 26:

Unnatural Pwoermd Manse: Day 25

ANECDOTE AJAR: after Wallace Stevens' Anecdote of the Jar

Time Machine: on the grief of friends

bpNichol Chapbook Award News and Call for Submission

Period from jwcurry

Comma from jwcurry

semicolon from letter from jwcurry

Sonnet Wikileaks Comma

Ant Nationals Pwoermd Mash: Day 18

Microwaveable: a Lyric Poem

QR Codes of the URL King

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Anternational Pwoermd Mouth - Day 15: !ighght

April vispo for Satu

QR Man

Inner Ash Knell Pwoermd Minks: Day 14. Titanick

Update: Recent activities, performances, enthusiasms, reviews, anthologies, paper cuts.

I'm a national powered monk: Day 13 -- We are Duchampions.