Saturday, April 14, 2012

Inner Ash Knell Pwoermd Minks: Day 14. Titanick







Joanne Arnott said...

i like this, simplicity

i am so tired of the titanic, i can hardly believe it's only been a hundred years

gary barwin said...

Yeah, I agree. I see it as significant in that it marks the particular moment in the early 20th c. relationship with technology, expansion, privilege and industrial expansion--right before the infinitely greater tragedy of WWI--but it does make me crazy when they keep talk about it as if it is one of the 'greatest tragedies.' I do understand that it is iconic, but I also see it as so incredibly Eurocentric (or at least Western), based in a narrow cultural moment and reality. I mean, thinking what else happened between 1900-1912 in the entire world. I do feel empathetic to those it affected, but beyond that, I don't understand (more than what I said above about it's iconic position in the cultural moment) such floating doilies and cabinetry.