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Poem ("Inside the Gun")

My new book: the wild & unfathomable always

Video of work from The Wild and Unfathomable Always (Xexoxial Editions) with music derived from the Comet 67P recorded by the Philae lander.

Some of my favourite Star Wars Stormtroopers are Jewish

Blog Hop, Writers Tag (AKA MyWritingProcess Blog Tour)

New chapbook: The Wild & Unfathomable Always

I'm with Lan?uage: Reading at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Language is always an emigrant

On Writing: an essay on handwriting and our default voices and ways of writing.

My Inaugural Reading as Writer in Residence at Western University (with Steven Slowka)

International Talk like a (Yiddish) Pirate Day...

Tor Lukasik-Foss and I remain very very still at the Art Gallery of Ontario

My First Day as Writer-in-Residence at Western University

My Inaugural Reading as Writer-in-Residence at Western University (with Steven Slowka)

Astral Original of the Hebrew Alphabet

Chessbard by Aaron Tucker.

Sign of Four

My list of most influential books...

Sternenreich by Gary Barwin

"NASA JPG: A View of the Earth from the Top," by Gary Barwin

Alex Porco writes about "Moon Baboon Canoe"; Arc Poetry Magazine, and 49th Shelf Red Letter Day.

Platonic Edit 2

Jewish Voice of Hamilton: a Yiddish language newspaper from the 30s and 40s in Hamilton, Ontario.

From Ug-Clomp to Uh, Okay: a recent review

Review in Winnipeg Free Press

Perceptual Cloud

Perceptual Axis

Quickness: Transtemporal Ghost Bears

Cruelty to Fabulous Animals: on hybridity

Poetry, Northern/Southern Border, part III

First review of "Moon Baboon Canoe"

New chapbook: Bone Sapling (with Amanda Earl)

Moon. Ghoti. Listen. Writing: Silent Letters

Video: Reading from "Moon Baboon Canoe" in Cobourg, Ontario

The privilege and pleasure of reading: a letter

My first chapbook: phases of the harpsichord moon (serif of nottingham, 1985)