Saturday, May 04, 2013

Visual Poems can be Read Closer than They Appear: Commentary Series on

I love the idea that if I write about something that I'm doing elsewhere on the internet here on this blog and that on that other thing has a link which sends people here to check out my blog, they are confronted with the announcement and the link for the place that they just came from. They could click back to that and then, seeing that there is information there about the blog return here. Wash, rinse, and repeat. They could be stuck in some kind of semiotic perpetual loop. At least until fossil fuel runs out, they wear down the keys on their keyboard or their fingers break free and board ten independent rocketships to Jupiter.

That said, I'm writing a commentary series on entitled LANGUAGEYE, concerning the close reading of visual poetry. You can get to it here.

And to save those who go there from finding the link to this blog and clicking back, here's an idea. Just click on the air with those pre-liberated fingers and your imaginary mouse and -- hey presto! - you're back here again. Welcome. Long live the clickable. The redirected. The prime directive. The Moebius detective (just now, my new favourite character.) And welcome back. And again.

Here's the first piece on

Here's the second, about some of Dan Waber's work.

The series will run for three months -- May to July.

Hope you enjoy it.

Friday, May 03, 2013