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Influency Salon and those sailor guys who fix ropes.

Work Song

The Umber Senescence of Grammar / The Impact and Burning Crater of the Semi Colon

The Gophericity of Shadows

weeimage: E G T Y O

Feet, National Poetry Month, Haida Gwaii, and my brother

The Glyphosphere, maybe

Forciberhorzmun (for Kenneth Goldsmith)

Abovementioned northeasterly he'll writ art how i s; Abovementioned northeasterly he'll writ art who s i

James Tenney and the Theory of Everything: How multidimensional musical space can be a model for the multidimensional physical universe

Dan Waber and the inventhusiastiverse: "This is Visual Poetry"

Stuart Ross reads from Cigarettes for the Dog

On homophonoquasilexical translation

An old diagram which is a cross section of one moment of cerebral time and self assessment

Tiny Lions ( for Robert Dziekanski)