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Bad Animation: bpNichol's Drum and a Wheel

Mary Johnston, author of 1492 in 1922: "Not demanding trumpets, but serviceable."

Mahoney Lonesome: On Wrestling and Viruses

Nostalgia in the Nine Year Old; H.L. Hix's In Quire project.

Inside Sky

The Sleep of Elephants

Red Wheelbarrow; semicolon; lungs

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Music for Writers: Luciano Berio

My "Hometown" Book Launch and a Literary Wake for Kerry Schooley

The Dogged Sport of the Stray Ukelele at the Gates of the Winter Embassy: Mansfield Press in Hamilton

Floating Testicle, Lost Horizon

Snake on the Bathroom Scale: Writing and Music

My interview in H Magazine/ local book launch / performance tribute to Kerry Schooley

My Great-Uncle Isaak Rescued from the Holocaust

Old Polish Passports, discovered under the bed.

The Parrot, upon her death

A Barcode and a Zebra: MicroFables about Love, the Internet, and Unicorn Horns

Scraphic Gortation & Nrores: Some Links to Graphic Notation

Rustled from the Solar Flare: Poemstrip with Breached Border

Angel of History

Become Coincident: For David W. McFadden on his 70th birthday

Goodbye, Ukelele / Maid on the Shore / Hello Electric Ukelele: CPUnit

Divination by Punctuation: Craig Conley's new book

Review in the Winnipeg Free Press!

Pearl Pirie, her new book and her blogs; my reading in Montreal; Stuart Ross, Cigarettes & the Relit