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Smoke & Bones


Page View: Night

Paper Views: Inside

Page Views: Winter Scene


Language in the Wild: Some recent visual work

Full performance: Stuart Ross and Gary Barwin perform at the Cleveland Performance Art Festival 1991

The Dog Ate the Bird: Sound Poetry from 1991

A spam sonnet and my literary holiday guests.

Elvii and Two Hummingbirds

Wild Dashes--Hope is the thing: Emily Dickinson

Music from the Medieval Womb (visual poetry from 1983)

Dramarama (Visual Poem from 1983)

On Typing

Indie Literary Market (Toronto) & the bpNichol Chapbook Award

The Punctuation of Shakespeare


Imagination, You're Not the Boss of Me: Advice to Teen Writers

Bicameral Butterfly

L’Harmonie Universelle

Shopping Cart Deer

The Next Big Think: Something about what I'm working on now.


For John M. Bennett on his Birthday.

Canada Poem 1

After Nico

The Week Shall Inherit the Verse

Everything Seems. China