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Yiddish for Pirates: book cover

The 22nd Annual Hamilton Literary Awards and a Joke: Moon Baboon Canoe Nooz

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This track featuring humpback whales with an outer space funk band.

My poem, "Bones," read by Tom Cull

bpNichol Chapbook Award 2015

Indie Literary Market!!

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Not Psychic

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Recent and Upcomings

Yiddish for Pirates early sighting!

How do you design a beautiful book? A discussion of the cover of "I, Dr. Greenblatt, 251-1457, Orthodontist."

What happens when a highway decides to beatbox?

Soon Flower

Parliament, a video

Old Man Harper Remembers

Open the RED DOOR

As little as possible and something illegible in the woods

Some upcoming readings & book launches….

Authors for Undies, I mean, Indies Interactive Story at Epic Books.

The Fish Species of Hamilton, Ontario Find their Names in Steam

InterNaPwoWriMM: Autumm

InterNaPwoWriMoL for Craig Conley



InterNaPwoWindowMo: re:wind:ow

Creating a Treasure Map: Trying to draw the two-dimensional roadkill of a sorcerer’s dreams




Authors for Indies: May 2nd at Epic Books.

The Science of Poetry, the Poetry of Science

InterNaPwoWriMo: Autopsymbolic Autopsychology

InterNaPwoWriMo: some delighthing for Margaret Christakos