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Angel of History

Become Coincident: For David W. McFadden on his 70th birthday

Goodbye, Ukelele / Maid on the Shore / Hello Electric Ukelele: CPUnit

Divination by Punctuation: Craig Conley's new book

Review in the Winnipeg Free Press!

Pearl Pirie, her new book and her blogs; my reading in Montreal; Stuart Ross, Cigarettes & the Relit

Porcupinity Book Launch in Hamilton!

Recording of my recent reading at the Flywheel Series (Calgary)

Reading in Ottawa

Autumn Envelope Insomnia

Swallowing Teeth: The Coach House Fall 2010 launch

A piano only needs 61 keys: a benefit performance

Downloadable chaps from out West:

New "Official" Book Trailer: The Porcupinity of the Stars

An Essay on Rachel Zolf's Human Resources

Grandpa's Snowman: wordless picture books

Thorn Yesterday: my first poems