Friday, November 24, 2017

The Canadian Parliament, the Criminal Code novel....

Sometimes I'm surprised by what Google search turns up on my auto-vanity search.

For example, this mention of my novel in a discussion of the Criminal Code Bill C-51 in Parliament from June 15, 2017.

Tom Kmiec, Calgary Shepard, AB: "Mr. Speaker, I appreciate the opportunity to be joining the debate on Bill C-51, this late in the night...I was so pleased today to hear you, Mr. Speaker, mention in the House Yiddish for Pirates by Gary Barwin, who is one of my favourite authors.

Everybody in the House knows I am a big lover of Yiddish proverbs, and I have one also for this legislation. It speaks to our pinch points. Everyone knows where his or her shoes pinch. I will explain the pinch points I have in this legislation..."

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Two new serif of nottingham chapbooks: beaulieu and Porco.

Cover spreads from the new chapbooks

I'm so delighted have had the opportunity to publish two chapbooks by two of my favourite writers.

Alex Porco's poetry manages to combine sophisticated wit, irony and wry humour with great emotional incision as well as with an energizing and perceptive take on the zeitgeist.  His work is also keenly aware of what it is to use language, to create a poem, to attempt to make or represent meaning. "The Low End Theory" is part of his ongoing serial poem "The Minutes." Here's the beginning of the poem:

I am in
Room #513 at
The Aloft Hotel
In Atlanta. I
Have fears. Real
And particular. But
Also unreal and
Particular. I’ll get
To ’em in
One sec. First,
I’m thinking about
Naming this poem
“Poem about Fears,”
But am worried
That’s too on
The nose. I
Like my nose.
I do not
Fear it, and
You shouldn’t either.

derek beaulieu's "Koloss" is part of his continued investigation into the concrete materiality of language, the nearly tactile experience of thought and semiotics. These works use the cosmos of  Koloss typeface letterforms as they appear in a Letraset sheet. Some of the letters have cracked, their fractures rivershaped neural branches, the suggestive materiality of time and meaning as it becomes ghostnoise in the sign.

The cover is a visual piece that I created by combining and manipulating derek's images. In laying out the inner pages, I tried to place derek's individual pieces in dialogue with each other and with the page. Blank space is a sign, too. 

Both chapbooks can be ordered directly from me for $8 including postage. (US$ or CDN$—the conversion covers mailing costs.)

himself  {at}  garybarwin  {dot}  com