Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Review, publications, Yoda, Guitar Picks, Art Exhibition and....

Naomi MacKinnon of the Shadow Giller has written a lovely and moving review of Yiddish for Pirates. I'm so grateful for such a thoughtful review and one that quotes from the book extensively. (Nothing like seeing your own words quoted back to you...but really, I really like how she explains the book through quotations from the book.)

The Hamilton Review of Books is a new review of books from Hamilton. (Bet that wasn't something that you could have figured out from its name.) It is edited by a bunch of amazing writers, mostly from Hamilton, Ontario where I live. I think it is part of a burgeoning literary scene in Hamilton and I'm delighted. I'm also delighted that they featured my visual work for their first issue. I'm honoured!

My visual work is also in Word For/ Word, a great online publication of text and visuals edited by Jonathan Minton out of West Virginia.

Installing the Subject Object Verb show.

Opening this weekend is Subject. Object. Verb. an interactive installation/response to the work of Susan Kealey that I created for the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Visitors can type on four vintage manual typewriters wired to audio processing and record their memories on paper. They can then illuminated these works and they will form part of an expanding exhibition of these works which will continuously be collected into book form. There will also be a live performance based on the work.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

I don't want to make this blog all mad raving about good things but...

Here I am (above) at Random House Canada signing an enormous tableful of books. Such a crazy surreal experience. But fun. And I resisted leaping onto the table and rolling around in them, like a frolicking dog.

What does it feel like? Completely surreal, as if I were playing the part of “the author” in a movie. But I also kept thinking about these books flying out into the world like some kind of flock of literary storks delivering stories.

And...Yiddish for Pirates has been shortlisted for the Governor-General's Literary Award for Fiction! Really, I am smobgacked by this and honoured to be there with my four fantastic co-nominees.

My hometown paper, The Hamilton Spectator wrote about this nomination here. Thanks to Graham Rockingham. I also did an interview on CHML Radio. I start at 14'37" Thanks to Scott Radley for the interview.

There's a new review of the book, too. Robert Fulford wrote about it in the National Post. 

Today, I spent an hour and a half with a photographer from Maclean's Magazine.  I spent the hour and a half trying to look like I wasn't trying too hard too look or not too look too authorly. But the photographer was great; she made me feel as comfortable as I could be considering the various parts of my face kept wanting to either escape or do their death mask imitation.