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The Canadian Parliament, the Criminal Code novel....

Reading, musical performance and interview (with Catherine Steeves) at Words, the Literary and Creative Arts Festival in London, Ontario.

Two new serif of nottingham chapbooks: beaulieu and Porco.

Remarks from the Canadian Jewish Literary Awards about Yiddish for Pirates

It's Never Too Dark to Read: On Reviews and Unread Books

Canadian Jewish Literary Award for Yiddish for Pirates.

First American Review of Yiddish for Pirates

Residencies, aleph nulls, clowns, prizes, audiobooks, US distribution and outer space

Cares of a Family Man: Finding Hitler's Moustache

Audiobook of Yiddish for Pirates, CD edition.

“A boy writes inside a bucket”: Hebrew Palindromes

James Lindsay of Open Book Interviews Me.

Audiiobook excerpt!

Gary Barwin and Stuart Ross perform Sound Poetry.

Discovered Review of I, Dr. Greenblatt, Orthodontist, 251-1457

The Writing Knows More Than You Do: Interview about Teaching

Sunshine Kvetches: My Leacock Medal for Humour Speech.

Nonhuman animals and nearhuman nonanimals

No TV for Woodpeckers: Some reviews and some videos