Sunday, January 15, 2017

Audiobook and French publisher for Yiddish for Pirates!

I'm very excited that Yiddish for Pirates is going to be an audiobook. The actor Peter Berkrot is recording it for Audible. I've had several great email exchanges with him, including discussing exactly how to pronounce certain words and just "how Jewish" the parrot narrator should sound. He's very thoughtful, funny, smart and does fantastic voices. I've been listening to lots of his other work over on the site. I'm delighted that he was the person chosen to voice the book.

Another piece of exciting news is that French rights (i.e. Quebec and France) to the novel has been sold to Les Éditions du BorĂ©al. I can't wait to see what a translator does with the book, though I joke that they only have to translate half of it, since the rest is already in Yiddish. Translation, especially with books that is so embedded in the specifics of a language is such an interesting thing.