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Asterisk taking

Rotary Dial Cell Phone / Sword in the Phone

Cage Match of Canadian Poetry: Microwaveable Elizabethans and the Sonnets of Future Memories

Words: Their Ghosts and Steam

Bed Texts

Thumb Piano: TypeDrawing images for Geof Huth and Nico Vassilakis

Heart like an Ampersand

Looking Over Looking Under

Christmas Shopping Cart Rudolphs, Asemia, Bouma Shapes, and Christian Bök

My teacher, my soccer coach, Grandma, and of course, the rat.

a mirror in the shape of a Möbius strip; 3 Leg Torso and David Greenberger:

GM (grammatically modified) nature and the warming of global language

He Ate 10 Terrorists

Space Time Yodeling, the Baka People, and Donald Rumsfeld

Ain't No Sin to Take off Your Skin & Dance Around in the Alphabet

The Lost Consonant

Consonant Wandering through the Woods of the Ribs

"Come down from the cross, we need the wood."


Twwo MMore TTroy LLoyd IImages, OK, TTThree

Beautiful Troy Lloyd Images

Untittled: Magic Hand

Tongue Golem

Phantom Punctuation

Gary Barwin book a forgery


Necker Note Boll Weevil

Shout and Bite

"I know a man" translations

Daylight Savings Distance


The Hands of Curved Joyland Frogs Starting up Cinematic Car Dances

The Spoken Valley

The three sad eyes of the ellipses...

The Written Leaf

Apparition of the Comic Seraph of Nottingham