Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Asterisk taking

We leave from a single place; arrive from the distance at the same place. We wander the compass: our paths cross yet we move on. The horizon surrounds us, our single winking eye.

Small star. Asshole. Firework burst. Cobweb scaffold, the spider gone. Footnote from a distant constellation which may exist no longer. Doleful snowflake: matchless star in a storm of a single flurry.

Six-pointed: first position three-toed ballet. A W and its pond other. A bedful of Xs, their bodies crossed. Five-pointed: endless knot, pentacle, little headless man, leaf spine.

A tiger in dreams. A railway car. Things and their inner shape. Matter and the beams of its being. A marking of more than one way of seeing the spot.


Eccentric Scholar said...

I especially love your starless night illustration!

Geofhuth said...

Beautiful piece all around, Gary. Thanks.

Steven Fama said...

Catching up here, this is great. Thanks.

gary barwin said...

Thanks, all (ES, GH, and SF) for your comments. I really appreciate the visit and the read.

In the beginning was the word, and then punctuation was needed to help us understand*

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