Saturday, December 05, 2009

a mirror in the shape of a Möbius strip; 3 Leg Torso and David Greenberger:

I recently came across the fantastic blog, Music for Maniacs, which writes about and links to many fantastic and unusual recordings of music. Today's post is "The Thing with the Three Leg Torso" which is about the band, Three Leg Torso and its collaboration with David Greenberger. Greenberger, who runs Duplex Planet, bases his texts on interviews with the residents of nursing homes. It's really fantastic stuff. The music of 3 Leg Torso perfectly complements the texts. Here are two pieces from the collaboration.

Miss Dog Miss Me

Perpetual Motion


Here's the beginning of some kind of a poem of mine, speaking of three legged torsos, which borrows a title from my friend, the poet, Slim Volumes.



I aim with a gun
I miss myself

I aim with a mirror
I miss myself

I am with a dog


The dog is three-legged because
it has three legs

where is the other leg?

on another dog
a dog with one leg

it is a one-legged dog


this poem is being
listened to by a robot

it thinks it’s a violin
a violin with an indeterminate

number of legs


I take an iron to a mountain
and flatten it out

now the mountain stretches for miles
the violins run free along its once steep sides

it is a one-sided mountain

a Möbius strip unwound


a mirror in the shape of a Möbius strip:
reflections only of reflections themselves

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