Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Hands of Curved Joyland Frogs Starting up Cinematic Car Dances

There's a nice--if brief--discussion about jwcurry and Curved H&Z by Greg Betts in a piece about McMaster University's small press archive. This collection is particularly exciting, being that it is Hamilton, where I live, and gathers many fantastic pieces of writing and publishing by jwcurry.


Joyland which is a really excellent online fiction periodical features three short-short stories by me on their Toronto part of their site, edited by Emily Schultz


Basho's Road features a story/translation excerpted from derek beaulieu and my frogments from the fragpool.


The Hamilton Film Festival runs from Nov 4-8 at the Staircase Theatre in Hamilton. On Thursday, Nov 5th at 9pm, the two films (Opus One and Opus Two) that Bob Ezergailis created with my music, are on the SHORTS PROGRAM 4, EXPERIMENTAL / ANIMATION / WTF? program. We'll be there for a Q & A which will hopefully be more than "WTF?" My music is a stew of source material derived from musics from around the world, highway traffic sounds, cars starting up in rhythm, Hebrew Cantillation, and electronic sounds.


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