Wednesday, October 05, 2016

I don't want to make this blog all mad raving about good things but...

Here I am (above) at Random House Canada signing an enormous tableful of books. Such a crazy surreal experience. But fun. And I resisted leaping onto the table and rolling around in them, like a frolicking dog.

What does it feel like? Completely surreal, as if I were playing the part of “the author” in a movie. But I also kept thinking about these books flying out into the world like some kind of flock of literary storks delivering stories.

And...Yiddish for Pirates has been shortlisted for the Governor-General's Literary Award for Fiction! Really, I am smobgacked by this and honoured to be there with my four fantastic co-nominees.

My hometown paper, The Hamilton Spectator wrote about this nomination here. Thanks to Graham Rockingham. I also did an interview on CHML Radio. I start at 14'37" Thanks to Scott Radley for the interview.

There's a new review of the book, too. Robert Fulford wrote about it in the National Post. 

Today, I spent an hour and a half with a photographer from Maclean's Magazine.  I spent the hour and a half trying to look like I wasn't trying too hard too look or not too look too authorly. But the photographer was great; she made me feel as comfortable as I could be considering the various parts of my face kept wanting to either escape or do their death mask imitation.

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Amanda Earl said...

i'm thrilled for you, Gary. soak up all of the limelight, lemonlight, strawberry, huckleberry light. it looks good on you.