Friday, October 15, 2010

Downloadable chaps from out West:

Last week I read at the fantastic Olive Reading series in Edmonton, Alberta. A great audience of writers and others. One young couple came up to me and said something like, "Jeez, this is our first reading. If we'd known that poetry readings were like this, we'd have come to one before." (Of course, this is my recollection. They may have said, "Man, you're a pretentious ol 'git and you're not fooling anyone, y'know.")

This series publishes a chapbook of the featured author of the night. The physical book is distributed for free at the reading. Afterwards, the chapbook is available for download.

My chapbook can be downloaded at The Punctuation of Thieves.

Rachel Zolf's chapbook derived from her very cool  The Tolerance Project can be downloaded from here.

Robert Kroetsch's chapbook is here. Kroetsch is a grand old man of (Western) Canadian literature, and his book is comprised of some tart, funny, compassionate, and short poems about aging. To wit:


You're alone. I'm alone.
An orange moon. A thinning cloud.
An old red raven, flying all that way.
Imagine me, kissing your left nipple.

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