Authors for Indies: May 2nd at Epic Books.

On May 2, for Authors for Indies Day (note: that's not Authors in Undies Day, I'll report on that another time…)  I'll be at Epic Books in Hamilton between 2 and 4 where I'll be writing a I will solicit the brilliant ideas of customers/passersby and together we will create, well, whatever it is that we'll create. A story. A narrative. A tale. A poem. An epic. 
There will be a monitor in the window so that the happy denizens of Locke St. in Hamilton can see the story, and indeed, be so captivated by its beguiling narrative and so invigorated by the power of literature, creativity, bookstores, and independent thinking, that they'll bring their strollers, lattes, children, golden retrievers and imaginative selves right into the bookstore feeling radiant with ideas and suggestions and participate in writing with me. And if not, I'll just write about that time when I was a teenager when I got my braces caught in my girlfriend's sweater while we were on a roller coaster. For the entire ride.
I also plan on posting the story-in-progress here on this blog.
Oh. And you want to know more about the Authors for Indies event?
To quote the blog Epic Books: Authors for Indies is
a new initiative that’s taking place Canada wide where authors will be volunteering to help sell books for the day. This is a huge event with over 100 bookstores and 500 authors signed up! Epic Books is one of those bookstores and as of this moment we have 6 amazing authors that will be joining us. There will also be goodies, giveaways and so much fun to be had.  We love a good party and that’s what this is going to be, a whole day filled with book love and we really hope you can join us. See more here
The schedule at Epic Books is below. The full national schedule is here. Epic Books is at226 Locke St. South, in Hamilton, Ontario. 
Epic Books Author schedules for Saturday, May 2:
11 – 1: Sally Cooper
11 – 1: Gisela Sherman
1 – 3: Sylvia McNicoll
1 – 3: Ariel Gordon 
2 – 4: Gary Barwin
3 – 5: Amanda Leduc