Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Scraphic Gortation & Nrores: Some Links to Graphic Notation

I've been thinking again about graphic notation / graphic scores, after some recent conversations with brilliant visual poet / wonceptual criter, derek beaulieu. (Check out his fantastic site.)

Here are a few links to online resources that are interesting, useful, not-useful but beautiful, beautiful but useful, neither beautiful nor useful, some like a duck in the quintessence, some the notion of feathers only.

Pictures of Music (Northwestern University site exploring and discussing graphic notation.

All of John Cage's Notations (over 300 pages of diverse kinds of scores by composers)
Important and extensive 1969 anthology of notation.

Gallery of Graphic Notation (WFMU) 

"everything related to Graphic Scores"

New York Miniaturist Ensemble

Graphical Scores Wiki
(links to graphic scores)

Notations 21 Project
webpage based on exhibition exploring where graphic notation has gone in the 21st century.

Graphic Scores/Visual Poetry page at Tumblr

Graphic Scores Images

The Schoyen Collection (historical and ethnographic music notation collection)
The image posted above is a Tibetan example from this collection.

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John Moore Williams said...

Big fan of Catriona Strang's Low Fancy ( for this. Certainly graphic scores make a great approach to making vispo, though I've yet to make use of the tactic myself.

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