Monday, April 09, 2012

Hinternashupnall Pwoermd Munce: Day 9: Dictionary of Relatively

A thing. An action. Strange that both are ‘words’ – the same category. The emc2edness of grammar. Energy is matter. And verse vica. 

Strange hat ‘word’ can encompass both verb and noun. Not to preption menpositions and other parts of speech. 

Gluons. Neutrinos. Electrons. Quarks. Different names for the various kinds of particle which make up the microscopic text. Microgrammars with their own subnanosyntax. 

What is wordliness? To thing. The infinitivity. To conditionalize. To be a proper verb. Subjecting, objecting. Gerrund ammo.

We imagine dividing up the sentence in two dimensions. Like a sausage. A language. Pints along a ruler. Thinking of the multidementianol sentence. The polyhedrous word. 

Between verb and noun.  

âme: French for soul. Fringe foresail.


Pwoermdspelunking: a cave in of words. Arcadian of words. Circadian. Cardamom. What is between verb and noun? When does a word do rather than is. What is inbetween verb and noun? Can some verb be exchanged for some noun? A halfway point. A halfway to house what is between?

The pwoemrd as exploration of new states. A naming of the liminal. sublittoral. The mergency. Words are a tool. To wedge. To join. To rapel. Appelle. A lexicutopia. A thoughght axperiment.

Mattter. Nergy. Matergy. 

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