Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rabbi Krinklebaum's Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve. My daughter has scarlet fever and water is pouring from the ceiling of one of the bedrooms. So much for our Jewish Christmas: we were planning to be stereotypes and go out for Chinese food and a movie. Instead, we’re watching Narnia.

Santa doesn’t come to our house. But sometimes we have Rabbi Krinklebaum who my daughter made up. He looks like a Chasidic Jew but dresses all in red and he comes out of the hole in a bagel, and he rides in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. The image above is one of the good Rabbi’s deer. I was thinking of making an image of a snow menorah – it’s the same shape as a snow angel.

So, in the spirit of Rabbi Krinklebaum’s Hannukah, I want to take a moment to mention that I appreciate all the people who visit here. Who comment or just read. As a friend of mine, Trevor Owen, has written about the internet, it’s not so much information technology, but interaction technology. It’s inspiring to be engaged in dialogue.

I’ve really enjoyed & been inspired by the various people who I’ve been able to jam with, posting versions of each other’s work, bouncing ideas off each other, sharing common interests and distractions, creating work referring to my work, sending me things of interest, linking to this blog, calling me on inaccuracies, or linking to or reposting my work. Some include Jeff Hawkins, Craig Conley, Mike Cannell, Troy Lloyd, Chris Piuma, Geof Huth, and Sina Queyras (who did an interview with me based on work that I posted here.) There are many others.

So, if you’re reading this – or are reading other things on this blog – thanks. I appreciate it.

Burglars: I'm going to be going away for a week. So go wild. But you'll never find the safe hidden in the floor. Or the large frightening guard dog.

And I probably won't be posting for a bit, so I'll also take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe, fruitful, and happy new year. New Year.


Jeff said...

Speaking strictly for myself, the pleasure has been mine. Don't stay away too long . . . unless you want to.

Hope your daughter recovers in record time, too.

- Jeff

mothership72 said...

Love the Menorack. iHugs for your daughter as she recovers.

Geofhuth said...

Nice family tradition, that Rabbi Krinklebaum. In my wife's family, there is the Birthday Hippopotamus.

We did go out to see a movie yesterday ("Four Christmases"), but forgoed (forwent) a dinner out this year. Chinese food used to be our traditional New Year's Eve meal.

One little inacurracy of coding in your posting: Chris Piuma and I are sharing a URL, which goes straight to Buggeryville.

Happy new year!


Chris said...

Geof, you're always welcome over at the B'ville.

Rabbi Krinklebaum is excellent -- I wish I'd known about him before interloping at a Channukah party the other day.

Health and happiness to you all over the holidays and into the new year!

Neofelis Borealis said...

finally willing to acknowledge that overweight white, male christians ages 51-64 are our natural overlords. am preparing letter to that effect for the other 6.65 billion of us to sign. having trouble with the sorry for ever doubting section. welcome suggestions.

Eccentric Scholar said...

Thanks for making 2008 so especially intriguing, Gary!

Linda S. Socha said...

Well Said and I find the story of your daughter endearing.I am new here but appreciate the posts...not to exclude the sentiments