A tree walks into a library

a tree walks into the library
my people, it says


a pile of earth on the table
it buries itself ‘til spring


a tree at the circulation desk
I’d like to renew some leaves


a tree browsing the shelves
my people, too


a tree cuts itself down in despair
you are not alone


troylloyd said…
tremendous enjoyment was had while reading this splendid selection of micropoems, goodstuff, reminding me both of Fluxus & Steven Wright.

a tree paying late fees,
do you take birdnests?

a tree checking out
a woodworking book,
terror alert

a tree doing genealogical research,
where are my roots?

a tree pretending to be a dog,
barking up the wrong

a tree shushing a loud patron,
can't you see i'm
absorbing nutrients?