Saturday, December 27, 2008

Belief Case


the world is everything that is the briefcase
the twin clasps of the sun
rising then falling at the margins

it seems that we’ve seen it all before
here at the beginning of everything

the hinge

this is my briefcase hand
the other my clasptree

I had nothing

thought a lot about hinges
the shadow and ground
held together

the papers kept inside
the tree
future papers
an archive

as world


Jeff said...

Very nice!

(You didn't take very much time off, though.)

gary barwin said...


Yeah, it turns out that our chalet has wireless. In a different way than the snow and so, I couldn't help myself...

Eccentric Scholar said...

Once again, you've taken my breath away. Luckily, I'd studied yogic breathing for years before discovering your work! I've also been fascinated by double-faced deities for years, and your mention of the "twin claps of the sun" is very resonant. Here's one snippet from my Oracle of the Two-Fold Gods:

It’s little wonder that two-fold deities are often likened to the very hinge of a door or a gate, because a hinge is a “still point from which the opposites swing one way or another” (George Elder, An Encyclopedia of Archetypal Symbolism: The Body, 1996). The pivot point where “this and that” are no longer opposites was called “the hinge of the Way” by Taoist sage Chuang-tzu, who anticipated philosopher G. W. F. Hegel’s concept of “synthesis” by more than two millennia.

troylloyd said...






troylloyd said...

i want to thank you Craig, for gifting to me, as a reader, the construction of a poem, the "synthesis" condensation works well as a typewriter poem (not so well as a comment poem, formatting is always a struggle for me, bloggerwise), but w/o reading your great comment, my brain would have never condensed the synthesis, such interaction is a wonderful thing -- much of sunshine to your headbone & dwell happily more for years & newer years!