Thursday, December 11, 2008

The New iTree


Eccentric Scholar said...

I love this!

gary barwin said...


Of course, the deluxe version would allow you to program your yard for whatever season you wanted. Or maybe just your perceptions. Ah yes, I'm planning on feeling aumtumnal today. Tomorrow, vernal.

Jeff said...

Maybe it's just me déjà vuing again, but I hope this doesn't encourage a byte from the fruit of the Apple tree.

(Garden of eatin' opportunity noted, and kicked to the curb.)

gary barwin said...

well they didn't bite when I created the applebet.

or the iBM.

I was wondering about the possibiliy of the iI, an uploadable self. One could choose from a vast array of moods, memories, self-images and consciousnesses.

troylloyd said...

yes, get this pluggy tree to marketing directly -- i'd love the option of downloadable exotic birdsong, different serenades for each day of the week!