A post for a blog is a post in a blog it is not

Mark Truscott, a writer whose work and critical writing I always enjoy and admire posted the following lovely line on his blog:

A thing is a hole in a thing it is not.

Beautiful and mindboggling Timbitonian. It seems the perfect kind of line to create variations on:

A hole is a thing in a hole it is not.

A thought is the absence of a thought it is not.

Consciousness is the absence of a consciousness it is not.

And further afield:

The ground gallops when there is a horse.


In terms of mindblogging, this Autologlyphs website has some totally fascinating word/text explorations, from ambigrams and autologlyphs to the image above for overhead project of a mobius strip text which when projected shows the words "mobius strip" three times, though it's only written one and a half times.


Mark said…
Thanks, Gary. The quote is Carl Andre's. The work in the image in the corner of my site is also his.

Mark (now wondering whether unattributed quotes are in good taste or ethical)