Saturday, May 30, 2009

Anus Porcupine Eyebrow & Supernova Tadpole Editions: a new chapbook & a new chapbook series

I'm very excited to announce that my new chapbook, anus porcupine eyebrow is out from Paper Kite Press.

Actually, remarkably and generously, Dan Waber and Jennifer Hill-Kaucher not only published the book, but invited me to edit a chapbook series for their Paper Kite Press. We're calling the imprint Supernova Tadpole Editions -- I won't make the joke about it making a really big splash, but I'm hoping to publish a range of interesting writing projects and would like to, particularly, but not exclusively, explore the incorporation of visual elements (whether vispo or otherwise) with text in the series.

I already have a quite few projects percolating and/or planned, so I won't be taking submissions at least until I've worked through those projects...or alienated everyone I know with my editorial mismanagement and hamfisted style. (Can one have a duckfisted style?) It's been a long time since I was directly involved in editing a publication, so I'm quite thrilled to have the opportunity.

Here's the info about the book:

anus porcupine eyebrow
by Gary Barwin
4"x4", 24 pages, $8 (includes shipping)

And Dan & Jennifer's blurb:

A collection so good that rather than tell the author that we were no longer publishing chapbooks, we decided to create an imprint instead and asked the author to head it up.

It's available here.

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