Sunday, November 23, 2008

Indie Literary Market: Lend me your Long arm Stapler and your Buttonmaker

I'm very excited about this new collective initiative, Meet the Presses. This 'Indie Literary Market' should be great. Many excellent presses are participating and we're expecting a good assortment of friends, Romans, and countrymen.

I'm publishing two books for the event. Inverting the Deer, a chapbook of poems, and Punctuation Funnies, some visual work. Working on laying out the books today -- and its been a while since I did this -- I was taken aback by how happy it made me: how making a little book, trying to make it beautiful, surveying one's past work, tweaking a word or two in a poem when it is realized in a new font and layout, thinking about images, book size, paper types, colour, anticipating standing at a table waiting new readers and old friends, wondering if I should, again, sell by books by weight...or perhaps by the weight of the reader, or...

So, if you are in range of Toronto, please consider yourself invited. I don't have a buttonmaker, but I will have a long arm stapler and a coupla new books.

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