Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Inabecedefatiguable & Abecedaring Craig Lexiconley

This image was created by the Abecedaring lexiconleyjurer and abcderial visualist, Craig Conley in my hono(u)r. Thanks, Craig. Craig is an astonishly inabecedefatiguable creator and investigator of the world of language: written, visual, and conceptual. His Abecedarian blog is here.


And here, below, are a series of short texts that I discovered on my computer. These are pieces that I think that I wrote over several days a few years ago, but just like my term as Governor of Louisiana, I have no memory of that time.

Hairs were Afar

the hairs were afar
then strangers came home
and opened the sky


Then a Rat

a conversation which began with
angels licking a vowel


There was Enough

to taunt me and my tongue
there was enough
to keep my bones white


if the hair of Love
is man, wise statesman
what are its black teeth?

The World is Filled

with marimba music
“head for a dog,” I say
he says no to the life of an elevator



without teeth
huzzahs light as flesh



today my mother
enters the ox
or the wild Soul
my tongue and me
are one

just look at me

I’d Be

I'd be an ox
fed on an ox
if it weren’t for the ox


Great! He Says

great! he says
there's a small screwed-up eye
looking to reheat
their shuffling fur

"Ha, Ha Ha”

millions of "ha, ha ha”
scuffed brown hands, and Ethel
make up an important part of
some quiet island
where I may I go soon

the teaching is real


After Lunch

a cloud bumps
into the stems of his teeth

with a mallet
I correct the road

Giver, And

the orchestra strikes the giver
and he begins
to give men warnings:

keep hungry
he says
think of strength and sewing
you'd leave the veins of God when I did


Xylophones Have Those

xylophones have those shoulders
and really big balls

smash them!

a single emotion makes for
but we wash and fall like stars
in our own underbrush
nuzzle our punch clock rippling minds

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Jeff said...

Inabecedefatiguable indeed. Cheers, Craig!

(Didn't know that about xylophones, but should have, probably. Hum.)