Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We Emersongency Celebrate

Exploring interleaving source texts and translation software. I particularly like 'we emergency celebrate the good with you' and 'I'm still proud of them who respect us.'

I find my writing life busy with writing a novel, writing poems using 'old school' techniques -- extracting them like a magician's coloured hankerchief from my fingertips, writing poems using various exploratory (at least for me) processes such as the example below, and creating short stories, both with and without any forethought. A variety of ways of editing the previous types of writing, including the radical edit: deleting the whole thing and forgetting about it. Some engagement with posting the work here on this blog. Perhaps linking with Facebook. Occasionally reading one of these explorations publicly. Aiming for a multiplicity of ways of creating, continuing, remaining energized, following through on hunches, plans, and suspicions.


we have a lot
but do not blame

the child is good
but nothing to talk about

who is the boss
who advocated all this

his body swaying like the wind
now snow

his second home
the entire human family

in the narrow part of the universal
with immersed parts of love

how many people face the snow?
I’m still proud of them who respect us

this snow reads

wandering eye beams

we see a lot of outside
we emergency celebrate the good with you