Friday, September 30, 2011

Railroad Song: I've been working just past where I know


I’ve been working on the yellow road
Trying to live long all day.

I’ve been working on the green road
And time just passes away.

I’ve been hauling on the blood red road
Don’t you hear our bones rattling?

I’ve been working on the bruise blue road
Rise up & begin earning in the morning.

I’ve been assembling on the pale white road
Don’t you hear the shouting of ‘heroes’?

I’ve been working the coal-black road
Someone came to the diner I know.

I’ve been struggling on the burnt purple road
Living large all day.

I’ve been working the orange red road
Just past where I know.

I’ve been gasping on the grey road
And I’d be happy to give it away.

I’ve been working the dusty pink road
Wish Charlie Parker would blow his horn.

I’ve been watching the wide whale road
Someone’s likely in the kitchen shucking corn.

I’ve been carrying on the lost yellow road
Invisible way before dawn

I’ve been working on the dirty brown road
And time passes where once were locomotives.

‘Cause I've been working
All day.

I've been working
In time.

Don't you hear the whistle?
Don't you hear the captain?

For I’ve been working
All day.

from a bumpHEAD multimedia performance. The video played behind our performance which consisted of spoken text, saxophone, bass, and guitar.

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