Friday, August 13, 2010

The Person of the Cow



how fantastic that these words are here
how fantastic that these words are somewhere else
how dark is it inside a cow?

how fantastic that you are here
how fantastic that you are somewhere else


deer are deer-shaped cows
crows are just another cow shape
Oh fantastic is the light of fantastic cows

O cowlick
fantastic calves are fantastic legs
O cowlick
fantastic tongue and groove flooring
and sideshows
O cowlick
fantastic are your cows that constellate
and are licked


O dark and fatal crow down the well
O tragic bird-bucket gathering flight-water
and the moon

you are an ouroboros
a crow of fantastic light
that licks itself
a cowlick
that dines upon the tragic and fantastic folds of knowing
the terrible or hermaphrodite stars
the calves of the legs
the fantastic tongues of absent crows


O inside every crow is another crow
wondering how it ended up wearing
a crow as an overcoat of feathers
it is winter inside the crow
the shadow of tongues
fingers fondling the star-filled sky
the inside of the crow
a limitless crow
the inside of the cow
its single perfect life

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