Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Opinity on Porcupinity

Porcupinity and the Critics

The Torontoist recently posted an interview with me about my forthcoming The Porcupinity of the Stars. I really enjoy these kind of interviews. They provide me with an opportunity to clarify and articulate (even to myself) what I might be thinking and to share some of the process of creating and publishing a book and to share some of what I was trying to do with the book as well as the general excitement. 

Also, I received a first review by Zach Hudson on the book which is not yet out. I do truly appreciate the thoughtful engagement and I'm very pleased to have someone read and think about the book even if I read it very differently and have different opinions about it. This is of course the life of a text. It goes out into the world and, like a third son in a folk tale, seeks its fortune by its own devices. I just have to trust that it was 'brought up right' and is able to take care of itself, whether before dragons, princesses, cliches, glass mountains, reviewers, or readers.

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