COLOURING THE ELEPHANT (another draft text)


a coat is a human
wearing a coat
with a human inside it

a street leads up to a human
a human leads up to a coat
the coat itself has forgotten
where it is going

the moon slams its face shut
to keep the human in
a human wears a coat
inside which are hands
and coming to an end
in fleshy petals
hand cabbages
runt limbs
prehensile toast grippers
tractor beams illuminating the fragments
of being born

the wind is its own destination


o road o human o radio
o beam of coat
o inside of the wind
o indecipherable emails from splinters in the wind
o spam of waterfalls
my coat is a road that is wide
but not long
my coat is a robot that is long
but not deep

the coat writes:

like a road
I have travelled less
than anyone: I’ve only
gone the way I’ve gone

o spatula of a human in a coat
o turnstile of a coat alone in the rain
o inside of a coat alone in the rain
o breast pocket
o body parts which have pockets in front of them
o forlorn things inside other things
o torn things outside, alone, inverted, and possibly left in the rain
a human in a coat
reaches inside and pulls out
their own spine
it is an elephant
coloured dusk