The Kama Sutra of Words, Pwoermds, a forthcoming book, an interview, a Rusty Toque, audio turnips and a door

Four recent things.

1. An essay in which I write about poetry and the Kama Sutra of words, Geof Huth's one word "pwoermds," Aram Saroyan's third eye, and the limits of meaning. Also, bad word play.
Thanks Nico Vassilakis for curating this for Coldfront magazine.

The essay where I write about one word poems and visual poetry.

2. An interview with me about writing, creativity, cell division, and what I hope to write with Kathryn Mockler at The Rusty Toque.

3 One of my sound piecse based on archival performance recordings of the iconic Canadian poet bpNichol included in the excellent online audio journal Huellkurven. There's lots of great stuff in this issue, including work by Anat Pick and Kaie Kellough. Here's my turnips a door

4. The cover (see above) for my upcoming collection of short fiction, I, Dr. Greenblatt, Orthodontist, 251-1457 with Anvil Press.

Here's the details:

I, Dr. Greenblatt, Orthodontist, 251-1457
short fiction by Gary Barwin

At times comic, tender, dark, compassionate, and arrestingly bizarre, Gary Barwin’s latest fiction collection marvels at the strangeness, charm, and beauty that is contemporary life in the quantum world. Raging from short story to postcard fiction, Barwin’s stories are mysterious, luminous, hilarious, and surprising. A billionaire falls in love with a kitchen appliance, a couple share a pair of legs, a pipeline-size hair is given the Nobel Prize only so that it can be taken away, a father remembers with tenderness, the radiant happiness of his teenage child, trapped inside his body. As the Utne Reader said of his last collection, “what makes them so compelling is Barwin’s balance of melancholy with wide-eyed wonder.”

128 pages | $18 can/usa | 5.75 × 8 | Paperback | 978-1-77214-013-2 | Pub. date: June


Gary, the link to your essay delivers an error page for me.
gary barwin said…
The link is now fixed--it was down for some hours. Something about editing changes!

Thanks for alerting me..