Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Word Cloud Outside the Hat / Synaptic Labryinth of Vowels

The image above is the Google books word cloud from my book, Outside the Hat (The link is to the full text -- with music -- of the book that Coach House created when they were exploring alternatives to 'the fetish item formerly known as book.') Many words, which are in pseudo-Middle English appear only once in the book, but shown up in the cloud. It appears as part of the overview of the book. This is a fascinating word collection, given a strange alliterative music by being alphabetical. And I marvel at the word clouds that other books would create and the possibilities for exploring these lexicons. You can find the word clouds using the "overview" feature of Google books.

Here is the Google Outside the Hat Word Cloud prose poem. It's fascinating the difference when the original is rendered as a same-size homogeneous text:

across Aer Lingus amphitheatre apple arry attachment for curly aund ayme Bagpipers bayonet Bed Of Nails Beethoven benches bird bpNichol Lane brain broken chair brother brother bear Brylcreemed buffalo burning boots Canada cave climb cloud Coach House Books coffee cogs creep low Cuba dead air delay the yodler don't door dressed drywall ench eyes face father feelings Feild fingers fish floor fridge frog frome gherkin Glyph Goofy Grandad guitar hade haiku hair hairdryer hallelujah hand hand grenade he's head heer heez hmmm horse i've iridescent it's itte Jain kapow khaki King of Prussia lake Lake Ontario lemon little Joe little men lizard Loks looking Madagascar maiybee marmoset maybe mermaid Mike Harris Mme Leduc moon mouth myself Nelson Mandela never night nipple fact Number Ontario parachute peel penis perfect twin Persian carpet pet store Phlegm piano Pitou plop poem Pope Gregory puck qpoe rhino round saliva shoulderblades sing skin sleeping bag spiral arm stars Stonehenge swimming symphony takk teeth tha loc thee there's they're tongue Toronto Tralee tree Turtle Diary twang twin fruit wait waited for God walk watching watermelon waun wear the burning Whistler write Yodeler youe zipper zither


Synaptic Labyrinth at the Mouth of Vowels and their Alphabetic Neighbours.

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