Thursday, August 09, 2007


There's this site where you can upload your photograph and then personalize how it adapts your ugly mug into a Simpsons' character. This is me, supposedly.

I got this off the ever-beguiling Generator Blog which has an enormous list of "Generators". For example, George W. Bush's computer:



I promised myself that everything would be true
at least in this poem. My friend Martin
told this joke to a Buddhist monk:

In a spiritual mood, a guy phoned Pizza Pizza and asked them
to make him ‘one with everything.’ The monk laughed heartily
then asked ‘What’s Pizza Pizza?’

Some of our friends kill themselves and some
are still with us. There’s a spot on a tree-covered hill
where one autumn my sons and I had lunch after the High Holidays.

‘Is there such thing as God? & where is he?” they ask.
When I return, there are my sons’ questions,
more leaves than people I know, and names cut into trees.


I should credit the joke. It belongs to Martin Avery.

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