EXECUTOR SHRIKES. A little poetic funk

 Imaginary Origami: a video of Executor Shrikes


Oh yeah, executer shrikes
a northern Dutch fold
I won't say silver lips in multiple colours
I learned a lot, and
like grey tinder
the terriblest part is the tri-coloured glans
soaking up the tan
the thrill of thwack

I miss blackback extra,
little shine sister
muscle tip, blue outs

I know every word to every flu like 
a Japanese seagull
so I'm never leaving here

beak-headed green lad
 in front of the brown brisket posing beside 
a night goal 

this is flexible snout mice, 
a diamond dove 
nothing positive can 
come out of here except 
stinging stars

never been around this 
elegant parking lot or 
violin warriors in my life. 
never picked up winged bells before

I’m down for a saffron sink
a boom smart 
a purperglance spree
one, four, one, one
I'm splendid 
fifty-three alpha minus
the way I found the spirit’s spanner was 
I had a shopping cart chest
a Napoleonic shriner
a headcold of trees