Monday, February 20, 2017

New Book & Radio interview

The cover for NO TV FOR WOODPECKERSmy new poetry book, coming out with Wolsak & Wynn this April.

I'm very happy about this. A variety of lyric and conceptual lyric pieces, and something very different for me in a full length book; a longer sequence derived from the species names of organisms found in Hamilton, Ontario.


I was delighted to appear on Bernadette Rule's Art Waves Radio show on @1050TheHawk. Lots of intelligent & thoughtful questions and to have the opportunity to discuss many aspects of Yiddish for Pirates that I don't often get to speak about. In this hour-long show I (according to the note on the link) "scatter my treasures liberally over Art Waves." I think that might be a euphemism meaning I talk too much and don't stay directly on topic.

Here's the link:

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