Thursday, February 20, 2014

David Lee (bass) & Gary Barwin (voice and sax) flap Obviously for BookThug's 10th

The writer and musician, David Lee, and I played a set for the BookThug 10th anniversary concert. BookThug is a great literary publisher out of Toronto. They published Gregory Betts' and my The Obvious Flap a couple years ago.

David and I concocted a performance from the book (unfortunately Greg was out of town). David played bass and I read and played saxophone and this saxophone-like thing that my dad bought on the beach for me years ago, made of an alto sax mouthpiece and a piece of PVC tubing with appropriate finger holes. It actually sounds quite great and often sounds like an Armenian duduk, which, for me, is high praise indeed.

BookThug recorded the entire shindig. That's here. And you can hear individual performances by the various guests.

David and my performance is here.

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