Saturday, June 10, 2006


I'm in the first class lounge in the LA airport en route to Australia. I'll land in New Zealand and then Sydney. Beth and I will hang out there for a few days, then we're heading north to Cairns and thde Great Barrier Reef. Then it's Thailand, Bali (we're a little worried about the "Terrorist Warning" put out by the Canadian government) and then Japan where I'll do a reading at the Canadian Embassy.

Travelling across the contintent was astounding. From Toronto over Lake Michigan, the Mid West, the Rockies, The Grand Canyon and the moutains before LA (the Sierra whats?). LA seen from the air is vast. I sent emails from my phone of pictures I took from the plane window to my kids. The continent looked alien in places.

Thei computer is messing up so I'd better go. More later.

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katy said...

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