Sunday, January 16, 2011

Visual Poetry On Trial

What is Visual Poetry? Why do poets insist on creating apparently meaningless and amateur-looking visual pieces out of letters and words when there are perfectly good, well-trained visual artists around? That's the question two separate peer juries from national and local granting bodies asked themselves before they made the decision to cut filling Station Magazine's funding for 2011, just for having included a short Visual Poetry feature in one issue. But is Visual Poetry really so offensive? Don't the poets have a reason for making the work, and doesn't the audience get something out of it? Or are these poems really meaningless?

The verdict is up to you! Join filling Station Managing Editor Laurie Fuhr in an attempt to get down to the truth. Hear from the defense and the prosecution as they examine and cross-examine key witnesses and the poetic evidence they present. At the end of the trial, you, the men & women of the Jury, are charged with the task of deciding whether Visual Poetry has the right to keep on living, or whether it should be hanged up by the cursive tails of its b's & d's.
Visual Poetry On Trial

You decide the fate of the world's strangest literary phenomenon!
WHEN: Thursday, January 20th, at 7:30 PM

WHERE: The Auburn Saloon, #163 115 - 9th Ave SE


pszren said...

interesting idea!

Pearl said...

so was there any report or vid or photos anywhere?

gary barwin said...

I'm told that there will be a report (videos, photos, a write-up) soon. I'll let you know.

Pearl said...