Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Great review of Porcupinity in ForeWord!

Reading in Waterloo, explaining just how tall I'd be if I were a gnome

There's a fantastic review of my new (how long can I call it that?) book The Porcupinity of the Stars in ForeWord magazine. I'm delighted to have the review published there.

The review is perceptive & thoughtful. Witty. the interest of full disclosure, I should say that the review was written by an old friend of mine (from High School -- Interlochen Arts Academy), poet Melanie Drane. It was assigned to her by the reviews editor, another old friend from Interlochen, poet, Teresa Scollon. Both of these friends have done many interesting things, both writing-relating and otherwise.

I've stayed in touch with both Melanie and Teresa over the last 30 (gulp!) years. We really reconnected when they were the outgoing and incoming writers-in-residence at Interlochen and I went to Interlochen to present at a conference there. It's remarkable how we can maintain friendships with those friends of our younger selves, how the vicissitudes of life may shake us up in different ways individually, but we end up still being able to understand each other. Part of that is due to having a shared past and a shared ideal of what is important and a common intuition about how a life may shake out, and part of it is due to having a shared common experience all those years ago which informs our current experience. In any case, it continues to be a great pleasure to maintain this connection and friendship first formed under the 'stately pines' of Interlochen.

Reading in Waterloo, arranging my physiognomy into one of gnome woe.

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