Monday, January 31, 2011

Skalla-grimr saga: some Screengaze audio poetry dance music

  Skalla-grimr saga by Gary Barwin 

Nú's hersis hefnd
við hilmi efnd;
gengr ulfr ok örn
of ynglings börn.
Flugu höggvin hræ
Hallvarðs á sæ.
Grár slítr undir
ari Snarfara.
"Now the nobleman (Kveldulfr) has exacted revenge upon the king (Harald Fairhair); now wolf and eagle tread on the king's children. The hewn corpses of Hallvarðr (Hallvarðr harðfari and his people, that is the enemies) flew into the sea; the grey eagle tears the wounds of Snarfari (Sigtryggr snarfari was the brother of Hallvarðr harðfari)."

...from the Icelandic text of the first Nordic poetic to cleave brains with end rhymes.

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