Saturday, January 15, 2011

Visual Poetry Magazine: Tip of the Knife (issue 3)

Peter Ciccariello: textual artifacts VIII - when we were fluent

The third issue of Bill DiMichele's great little visual poetry magazine, Tip of the Knife, is now online. There an excellent variety of types of work. A great selection. The contributors for this issue are:

Peter Ciccariello
Luc Fierens
Christine Tarantino
Iker Spozio
Gary Barwin
Bill DiMichele

This publication, and the many other like it, remind me that whatever it may seem to have done for books and booksellers (what exactly that is, is unclear to me) the internet in all its various forms and manifestations has been a great boon for the creation of networks of aficionados (both readers and producers) of marginalized forms such as visual poetry. We can find each other, share work, publish easily and in colour, provide information and news about publications past, present, and future, and, in general, facilitate the dialogue. There is a present sense of community, of accessibility, of contact, and possibility that I value greatly. Now if you can just send all your money to me, everything will be just fine, at least for me.

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