Thursday, April 15, 2010

weeimage: E G T Y O

The Italian visual poet marco giovenale invited me to join the collective vispo/image blog weeimage which is comprised of many very interesting concreators/writers. I don't plan to cross-post in the future, but since this is my first contribution, I'll post the image (which I created this morning and have entitled E G T Y O) here that I've contributed to weeimage here as well.

There's something interesting that happens with our eyes and brains when we see repeated or varied patterns. It must be a very old evolutionary adaptation. Rock Rock Rock Deer Rock Rock. Wait! Was that a deer? I don't think that the creatures with five eyestems found in the Burgess Shale would respond in quite this way to repeated images. Of course, from single celled organisms up to the trillion-celled concatenations that we are, we are all visual poetry in a way. Don't just read my lips. Read my cells. My DNA.


Vampire Association said...

I liked it.

camille aka harphead said...

HOMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we all miss you soooooo much at HSC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone told us you were in HAWAII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..haha youre probably thinking "WHATS WITH THIS CRAZY STALKER?" i remembered when u showed me and alannah the video about birds in your backyard you told me the serif of nottingham blog name lol but anyways we all miss you SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH at HSC!!!!!!!!!!! come back to visit soon!!!!!!!!!!!! -camille aka harphead (who had a competition today BUT can't go because of a pulled muscle. boohoo.)