Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Feet, National Poetry Month, Haida Gwaii, and my brother

My poem, Feet, appears today on Angel House Press' National Poetry Month website. This piece was inspired by the various severed left feet, clad only in running shoes, that have turned up over the last couple of years on the B.C. coast. Amanda Earl has assembled a really interesting collection of poems for National Poetry Month from a wide range of poets and a broad spectrum of modes of poetry expression and exploration.

The visual poem, above, was inspired by the art of the Haida, the West Coast First Nation. My brother invited me to travel with him to Haika Gwaii (the Queen Carlotte Islands). I've very excited about the prospect of visiting this magical, beautiful place, not to mention spending time with my brother.

It occurs to me that, coincidentally, the images above are derived from an 'f' and an 'e', the severed first letters of the word 'feet.'

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