Monday, April 26, 2010

The Umber Senescence of Grammar / The Impact and Burning Crater of the Semi Colon

Eddie was an explorer. He said the trick was to remain still, and let the discoveries come to you. He had discovered several continents, a cat, and our father, undressed, walking through the house, shaving. Discovery is an invisible labyrinth, he said. Eventually, everything finds its way into the open. Soon I will discover a new kind of moon and a way to step out of it, leaving my skin like a snake.

A romantic idea. The final autumn. Near the end of the world, the last leaf on the last tree. I am underneath its branches looking up. The last leaf falls into my open mouth. I think of you as I chew on its umber senescence.

A word processor that underlines conventional grammar. That marks up continuities and standardization. That prompts the writer with words that are not synonyms. That encourages divergent spelling. That capitalizes punctuation.

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